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Japanese sake is gaining popularity in France, where people are matching the rice wine with a growing number ofdishes. Top-rated sommeliers compared sake brands in the country’s first such competition.
The event brought together 32 experts. They tried 550 samples of sake poured from bottles with masked labels. They gave the sake marks based on flavor, aroma, and compatibility with French cuisine.
Sake exports to France have nearly tripled in 10 years, to about 1.8 million dollars in 2016. 
The contest winners are to be announced in about two weeks.


内容は、要約すると、日本のアルコールである「酒」(the rice wine)

がフランスで大人気である、 ということである。


  1. 酒はワインの国であるフランス人の口に合う。
  2. 酒はフランス料理と相性がいい。


酒については酒 – Wikipediaを参照してほしい。







The above article was published in NHK News on 27th June. Https://

To summarize, the Japanese alcohol “sake” (the rice wine)

Is very popular in France.

From this article, I think that the following conclusions can be drawn.

  1. The sake fits the mouth of the French who is the country of wine.
  2. Sake is compatible with French cuisine.

So why is liquor compatible with France? It is a place to worry about.

For sake Wikipedia – sake I want to see.

As I looked it, sake was the same brewed wine as wine, alcohol degree was 13 ~ 17% and it turned out that it was the same as wine. It also has a common point of judging the quality of sake due to the origin, flavor, fragrance, ease of drinking and sweetness of raw materials.

If so, I am convinced that it is compatible with France. However, as you can see, it is understood that sake is popular yet it still remains among high-class restaurants and gourmets.

It seems that the price is high and it is not familiar to the general public. If you read the above article, it seems to be different though it recognizes that everyone knows if it is France.

In the future I would like to be able to drink even in France freely like wine in Japan.




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